About Swell

A Note from the Founder

Swell is a San Francisco based tech startup that was originally founded with a mission of giving voice to people who had been on health journeys which are often ignored or rarely heard about. As we started building a platform focused on audio health stories, we quickly realized that there was an even bigger problem out there. The art of thoughtful conversation, talking and really listening, was being lost.

Today's online world primarily focuses on images, video, and text—think Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok⁠—and completely bypasses audio as a primary means of communication. Yes, podcasts are popular, but they are no better than radio as a one-way broadcast medium. There's an immediacy and authenticity in being able to hear the emotion and intent in people's voices. It's our oldest way of communication and it's being lost in the digital world.

We experienced this authenticity when we talked with our health storytellers and it made us realize something. What if Swell, and the powerful, thoughtful conversations people can enjoy and learn from in our app, wasn't only for those with a health story to share but for everyone?

The Swell platform we have built is a result of that insight.

The Swell mobile app allows people to record and post short clips of audio and post it to their Swellcast. Think of a Swellcast as a micro-podcast⁠—a very quick and easy way to post your audio content for everyone to listen and share. What makes a Swellcast unique is the ability for you to have Swell Conversations within it. Your listeners can reply to you with their own audio posts to share their own insights and perspectives, ask you questions, or just have a general discussion, right there in the application. This allows you to connect with your listeners through the power of voice like never before.

I personally think Swell can do for Podcasting what Twitter did for Blogging. Make audio simpler for end users, more accessible, more interactive and more fun.

We would love for you to download the app and try it out.

Sudha KV

Founder and CEO, Swell
San Francisco