Swell Audio Creator Program

Paid subscriptions made easy
for podcasters and creators

Paid subscriptions made easy
for podcasters and creators

A free to join program that enables you to set up subscription based audio content.

Audio Subscriptions

Choose from 3 simple subscription tiers for your content - $0.99/mo, $1.99/mo and $4.99/mo in the US (we offer pricing tiers in multiple currencies). Swell retains 20%, and you receive the remainder after transaction fees/taxes.

Exclusive audio content for your fans and supporters

Invite your fans to subscribe to your Swellcast and get direct access to your thoughts and ideas in your own voice.

Use the power of voice for deeper engagement with your subscribers

Swell’s unique audio reply feature makes your Swellcast interactive and helps build a more engaged subscriber base.

Start your monetization journey


Apply to become a Creator

Watch our 15-minute webinar. Enter a valid email address to receive the application form. Approval takes 3-5 business days during which we will contact you via email.


Start your Swellcast

Download the app and start your Swellcast. Active Swellcasts are given preference in the Waiting List.


Application Approval

Once approved, your Swellcast will be converted to a Premium Swellcast at a monthly price selected by you. You can then post premium audio content that only paying subscribers can listen to.


Earn Subscription Revenue

Invite your fans and followers to subscribe to your Premium Swellcast and start getting paid as your subscribers grow. See the Swell Audio Creator Program Agreement for details.

What is a Swellcast?

A Swellcast is a short and interactive alternative to a traditional long form podcast. Each episode on Swell can be up to 5 min long and can be recorded and posted quickly and easily from the app. (Swell Audio Creator Program Members can post up to 15 min long Swells, and can also upload up to 1 hr long pre-recorded episodes).

The short audio episodes are easy to create and easy to listen. Support for images and links adds richness to the audio experience. The unique audio reply feature makes it interactive and builds a more engaged and tight knit audio community for your subscribers.

Visit swellcast.com to learn more and see examples.


App Store Rating

4.8/5 stars

Nina Gregory, Journalist (formerly NPR and Clubhouse)

"Podcasters and audio creators have long looked for a simple way to monetize their expertise, talents and voice. With the Swell Audio Creator Program, it's finally here!"

Christine Grimm, Coach and Founder

"As a coach, I am really excited about audio subscriptions. I already enjoy Swellcasting as a very convenient way to share advice and tips with my listeners. Now, with a premium Swellcast, I will be able to offer more value and provide differentiated content to my paying subscribers."

"Swell combines an audio-first social experience that reduces screen time, brings people together and encourages thoughtful conversations."


What are the Eligibility Requirements for the Swell Audio Creator Program?

Please visit https://www.swell.life/audio-creator-program/EligibilityAndFAQs to see the eligibility requirements for the program.

Is there a fee to join the Swell Audio Creator Program?

No. The Swell Audio Creator Program is free to join. Swell generates revenue from a share of the subscription fees from premium Swellcasts.

Does Swell provide subscribers for my premium content?

No. Swell is an audio platform that makes it easy for audio creators to create audio content, provide audio engagement, and offer paid audio subscriptions. Swell does not provide subscribers. You have to reach out to your own network and invite them to subscribe to your Swellcast.

How do I apply to the program?

Watch our brief 15-minute webinar to learn more about the program. An email with the application form will be sent to you within 15 minutes of completing the webinar. If you're keen on becoming a creator, simply complete and submit the application. Your application will then undergo review, which typically takes 3-5 business days. We recommend using an active email address during the webinar registration since all communication will be conducted via that email over the course of several days.

I have more questions, where can I learn more?

For more FAQs about the Swell Audio Creator Program, please visit https://www.swell.life/audio-creator-program/EligibilityAndFAQs

For general FAQs about the Swell platform, please visit https://www.swell.life/faqs

For any other questions, please contact us through https://www.swell.life/contact